Home Extraction is Now Easier Than Ever With Simple Solvents and ExtractCraft

SUTHERLAND, Neb., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ExtractCraft LLC and Simple Solvents have announced a new partnership, making it easier for buyers to purchase solvents for high-quality extractions at home, for their lab, or their small business. The partnership will enable ExtractCraft users to have the highest quality USP grade ethanol shipped directly to their home or business by the bottle, case, or by monthly subscription at a great price. 

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Simple Solvents and ExtractCraft will offer a 200 Proof USP grade anhydrous ethyl alcohol that is among the highest purity ethanol available on the market. Ethanol is an ideal solvent for botanical processing, including terpenes, pectin, and more. USP grade ethanol from Simple Solvents meets pharmaceutical standards and is intended for use in manufacturing processes, including pharmaceutical, culinary/food, supplements, and cosmetics. The primary use is for the extraction of botanicals. This ethanol product is not intended for use in beverage applications and will only be available for purchase to buyers aged 21+.

The high-purity ethanol when combined with ExtractCraft machines with low-temperature vacuum extraction will protect botanical integrity. The new partnership will provide customers with a more reliable process, which will translate to more consistent end products. The subscription offering will also enable buyers to lock in a favorable price and ensures a regular supply of ethanol. 

When asked about the new partnership, Brandon Bahr, CEO at Simple Solvents said, "Home extraction is on the rise because consumers are seeking quality and control regarding everything they put into their body. What's exciting about this collaboration is that Simple Solvents' provides the consistency needed to not only produce top notch botanical extracts but also to enable creativity while using an ExtractCraft machine." 

"We are excited about the value of the partnership with Simple Solvents to our ExtractCraft customers. We have always been proud of our commitment to serving our customers' needs and providing great value to our customer. This partnership is a perfect example of this commitment. Our customers will now be able to conveniently buy the highest quality ethanol at an excellent price." states J. Michael Drozd, CEO of ExtractCraft.

As part of a long-term strategy, ExtractCraft will use Simple Solvents ethanol in their test kitchen to ensure recipes are checked, instructions are easy to follow, and the final products are the most potent and pure. 

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About Simple Solvents

Founded in 2020, Simple Solvents,, provides quality chemicals exclusively for the botanical market. With a focus on ethanol supply, Simple Solvents also offers Isopropyl alcohol, heptane, pentane, hexane and more to large- and small-scale botanical processors and labs.

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ExtractCraft's headquarters is in Longmont, Colorado. The company is the leader in home-based and craft boutique countertop appliances and accessories for high-quality extracts and concentrates from all types of botanicals. For more information about ExtractCraft, visit

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